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In a perfect world, every landlord with make necessary repairs, never prematurely terminate your tenancy, illegally lock you out of your apartment and never start a holdover proceeding to evict you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

When served with either a holdover termination notices or court papers summoning you to court, you need to immediately contact an experienced tenant defense attorney. Too often decent people and honest law-abiding tenant get infected with an insidious disease of dreaming and hoping that a problem will miraculously resolve itself on its own, when in fact housing court eviction cases rarely work themselves out so simply.

Do not wait until the situation worsens – act now and call Gordo Legal.

At Gordon Legal, all we do is housing court landlord tenant and eviction law.

Gordon Legal has managed thousands of landlord tenant cases just like yours. We personally manage each and every one of our cases from initial consultation for legal representation and strategy sessions, through notices, petitions, motions, hearings straight to trial if that’s what it takes to get our clients the best possible outcome.

Gordon Legal’s founding attorney Steven Ben Gordon is an experienced New York Landlord Tenant Law Housing Court Attorney that understands New York’s highly combative court system. Gordon knows the parts, procedures, process, and people in the landlord tenant court system to effectively represent you. Whether by negotiated settlements, mediation, litigation or trial, Gordon strives to find cost-effective, practical solutions to resolve landlord tenant disputes.

Gordon’s clients enjoy an unprecedented level of access to legal counsel through various means of communication such as text, phone, facsimile, email as well as our live client services team to schedule telephone consultation and client appointment.

Gordon legal law practice is focused exclusively on helping New Yorkers resolve landlord tenant disputes. We genuinely care about getting results and a positive outcome for our clients. What separates Steven Ben Gordon from his colleagues is that he treats every case with the utmost care, importance, and urgency. 

From Start To Finish, Gordon Legal:

  • Provides an initial free consultation.
  • Evaluates pre-litigation strategies and identifies client goals.
  • Prepares all the legal paperwork for service of process.
  • Files your legal documents at the court clerk’s office.
  • Appears in court on your behalf.
  • Prepares all paperwork for your day in court.
  • Presents and argues your case before the court.
  • Communicates with you at every step.

Gordon Legal handles the following types of housing court matters:

Client Reviews

Mr. Gordon was Professional, Knowledgeable & overall provided great advice & peace of mind. He took his time to listen to any & all questions I had. For a phone consultation. I felt as if I was there in person. Thanks again Mr. Gordon looking forward to working with you!

Vivian B., November 21, 2022

DEFINITION OF A PROFESSIONAL - I was referred to Mr. Gordon by another attorney. My consultation with him went well into 30 minutes, he was very empathetic, knowledgeable, and had a lot of patience to answer all my questions. I wanted to write this review to let everyone know this is the definition...

Vadim A., June 30, 2022

PROFESSIONALISM, COURTESY, HONESTY - Mr. Gordon has demonstrated professionalism, courtesy, honesty- "help me, help you", and compassion. having him as a person to represent me has kept me at peace because of his great communication skills and willingness to listen to my concerns.

Marjorie A., January 20, 2022

VERY PROFESSIONAL - From my very first contact with Steve, it was clear I was in highly capable hands. My landlord against tenant case was handled expertly at every step with professionalism. Steve handled my case in a very professional and competent manner. His extensive knowledge and advice...

Amy Lu, Flushing Queens, New York.

HONEST, EMPATHETIC, DEDICATED AND DILIGENT - The aforementioned adjectives describe Steve Gordon well. My case was handled in an efficient and timely manner. His communication skills and knowledge are superlative. It has been an amazing experience with Steve Gordon. As a landlord I would highly...

Carol, October 5, 2017

HONEST AND UP FRONT WITH THE CASE AT HAND - The benefit from working with Gordon Legal is you get the dynamics of a large law firm, Steve is a plethora of information in his field and I have yet to meet any other attorney who is as knowledgeable, helpful and able to guide you through your case with...

George Natali, President AIB Insurance