Client Reviews


I called him Steve, Attorney Steve Gordon, a great Attorney who I hired on my case against Eviction from the Coop. July 2014, a neighbor of mine tried to evict me out of the Coop supported by the management of the Coop cheated by the neighbor. I was honored to have hired Steve who by his professional acknowledgement helping me winning the case positively by April 2015 by proving the charge against me untrue by no evidence-based and the charge itself too old—-a years ago. Therefore, the judge agreed to give me a chance of a Court Termination To the Eviction by a Probation Agreement at the Court for 9 months for me. By Jan. 2016, my probation was over and the Coop management got no evidence to prove their charge. The eviction then was dismissed automatically by Probation Agreement. Seeing is believing. I experienced a great lawful help from Steve. I can do it then you can do it by trust Steve, let him do your case. Besides, his law fee is flat, save a lot of money for you. This is Joe, an Asian American citizen. living in Queens, NYC.

– Joe, October 5, 2017

Know The Law

New York has enacted laws to protect tenants from retaliation, provide rental abatements for unsafe conditions, and prevent landlords from terminating a lease prematurely.

Know Your Defense

Tenants have compelling, effective, and technical defenses during a housing court eviction proceeding. Having a tenant defense attorney helps you raise all the defenses available to you.